Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have been totally slacking on the 'ol blog. Last weekend Weekend before last, we headed home for two very special birthdays! Papa (Bradley's Dad) & Wesley my nephew share a birthday! We got to celebrate both the same day!

Wesley was the BIG UNO!! He had a choo- choo birthday party that was as cute as he is! I got some really cute pictures of the kids and the decorations, but my camera ate all my pictures for lunch the other day. I am still not back on good terms with my camera yet. Unfortunately, all the fun pictures from the weekend were gone, but for whatever random reason it salvaged this one! The UNBELIEVABLE cake my sis-in-law made. She has way more patience than I do, and he kids loved it!

That evening we celebrated Mark's 51st birthday! My parents kept Addy for us so Bradley and I could relax and enjoy the party. It was nice to spend time with adults and be carefree for the evening.It was Addy's first official sleepover. We have never left her overnight before. It was good for all of us. We were so ready to see our little bug the next day though. She had a blast with her Grandma & Grandpa. We brought her balloons from the party so they of course had to be in the pictures!!

Three of a Kind???

I'll let you be the judge!

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