Thursday, January 13, 2011

18 Months

Oh My Word!!! Where has time gone?? For some reason this age is hitting me harder than her first birthday did. I can't believe that tomorrow she will be closer to 2 years old than to 1 year!!! Yikes!! (* and of course, we just taught her tell everyone that she is one*) 

She had her 18 month check up today and unfortunately I was not able to go with her. Bradley said I should consider it a blessing. Apparently, it wasn't much fun.She has a super weird fear of the doctor's stethoscope. Of course, that is always the first thing they from then on, its not good. 

Weight- 22 pounds
Height- between 29.5 & 31 inches
(she wasn't cooperating)

She is still in very low percentiles. Since I didn't go, I don't know exactly but down around 25% in both of them Bradley thought. She is going to start vitamins, but the doctor isn't too concerned with her weight still. She is still close to enough to the average growth curve.

Although Addy is necessarily growing 'up,' she is definitely maturing! She is little Miss chatterbox at home. I really can't even keep up with all the things she says now. She can almost tell you any animal. She knows all the farm animals and their sounds. She also can name many zoo animals and tell you their sound too. (If, that is her parents even know what they sound they make...zebra or giraffe anyone?) She really loves animals and picks up on their names incredibly fast. She especially loves playing with NoNah & his ark. The Pippo and ZeZe are her favorites right now.

She loves to cook & clean. She will often 'help' in the kitchen or bring us food to eat from her kitchen. She is are designated sweeper also. I need one less chore, don't you think? :)

She is also turning into the little mama. She loves playing with her baby & pushing her around in the stroller. She is always so worried about baby needing to go tee-tee, as you saw in the previous post.

Her gross motor skills are definitely improving so much. She got a rocking horse for Christmas that she can know throw her leg over and ride by herself. She also loves to throw balls to our dog, and chase is her favorite game EvEr!

My favorite thing that is relatively new to Addy is her snuggly side. She really hasn't ever wanted to snuggle much, she would push away if we tried to hug her, and boy was she stingy with sugars! Now she gets these wild hairs, and when it is sugar time EVERYBODY gets sugars! She passes them around very freely! She also loves to hug. She throws her head on our shoulder and squeezes so tight! LOVE IT!!

Addy is SO much like her daddy, but she is polar opposite with her social butterfly side. She has really gotten into telling every person we run into at Wal-Mart, or the folks sitting in the booth behind us at a restaurant, "HI!!" She waves and repeats herself until we rope her away or she is acknowledged. 

Addy is also a polite little bug. Her favorite phrase right now is 'Thank you!' She isn't always right in her context, but she loves to say it. Most of the time when she gives us something she says 'thank you!' It is also her ticket out of jail. For instance, if she gets a hold of something she knows she can't have *like her daddy's coins laying around* then when she gets caught she comes running with it saying, "thank you, thank you!"

Well, Addy is about to take on a new endeavor (although she has no idea what's coming). We are getting ready to take on potty training hard core. Right now she plays on it and baby uses numerous times a day, but hopefully this weekend we are ditching the diapers and diving in. She already tells us before she uses the bathroom, so I am hoping it won't be to bad. Keep you updated, but hopefully, hopefully (maybe I should say it again) HOPEFULLY! this task won't be too daunting!    

Bradley & I agree that this is the absolute best stage ever! Addy learns things in record time. She learned one year old in about ten minutes...amazing. She also LOVES to have an opinion. She picks out her own shoes in the morning, and it VERY particular about which bow she wears. She loves to have a choice of her plate and spoons to use. She always wants to help change over the laundry, or especially wash dishes. She is learning to self dress also. We let her help pick her clothes and she especially likes to put her own pants on. She also has learned to put her own (Mary Jane) shoes on by herself.  She is all about dressing up with my shoes, jewelry, makeup, sunglasses, and hats! However, she is no sissy. Addy is a daredevil! She will purposely flip over her little chairs and just laugh. She loves to be thrown around, and rarely cries when she runs smack into something. (That is SO not from me!)
Some my favorite things she says:
Dank Do-thank you
Puppa, No No- Telling our dog to go away
See-See- I want to see!
Jaff- Giraffe
Full Fant- Elephant
Numa Num- Yum Yum (Means 'Food Now)
MelMo- Elmo
Piper, Piper- Diaper (Means change me)
Bebe Tee Tee- Baby has to go potty again
Luh- Liv (my sister)
Apul-tauce- Applesauce
Poon- Spoon
Hi-Hay-Hee Haw (donkey sound)
jaw- draw (She LOVES to draw)

These are just  very few of the things she says. Everyday it seems she adds a new word to her vocabulary!

Here's to the first eighteen months and the next eighteen years!

**And to think my mom had my little sis when I was 18 mos. old....No thank you! How she did it....I don't want to find out! :0**

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