Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bradley & I joined our church the week before last. I was waiting on the picture the church took of us to accompany the post, so its a little late. We have been attending First Baptist since we got engaged in 07. (WOw that seems like FoReVeR ago!!!!) We have talked about joining forever and just never did. We finally made the decision to on August 22nd. I joined by letter from the church my family goes to in Gainesville. Bradley joined on profession of faith! He actually was saved many years back, but has never made it public to the church with baptism. He has set up his baptism on September 12.......HIS BIRTHDAY!!! Such a special day for him and we are so excited!

The Sunday we joined was also promotion Sunday, so Addy was super wore out by the end of church from being in a new environment. You can totally tell how sleepy her eyes are.....and her dad forgot her bow! :(
Yes, stupid, but it really bothers me! And that strawberry blonde hair!!!

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