Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early Bird Gets the DONUTS!!

Since Addy refuses to sleep past seven AM we decided this morning to get out and enjoy the weather. It was so nice out...almost chilly! I am SO ready for fall! We got dressed and loaded Addy into the stroller and headed over to the donut shop nearby. Addy has shared donuts with me before, but today we just bought her a glazed donut and let her dig in! And boy did was GONE!!! The whole thing!

Then we took Sally our dog and headed to the park to let her get some exercise...we played fetch with Sally, and Addy had a blast running around and playing. She is the happist kid ever outside! She loves to throw the ball for Sally, even though she usually winds up forever and then more or less 'drops it,' it's pretty much adorable. And she is always happy when we are playing with 'puppa.'
We had a really good morning and it was really fun and relaxing after such a crazy first week of school!

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