Friday, August 27, 2010

I do it all the time..

We were all in Addy's room the other day after school just playing and enjoying a little quiet family time. Addy loves to play in her bed occasionally. Bradley threw her in and then began climbing in himself...

Hubs: What?
Me: Don't get in there!
Hubs: Why not?
Me: It won't hold you, you'll break her bed.
Hubs: Nah, I do it all the time..
Me: WHAT!?!?!?! Really?
Hubs: yeah, we have fun!

Do you see what I am up against here people. At least he has broke me enough now that I just laugh and grab the camera to have proof that I am not making this stuff up...
**Please ignore the dirty shirt and runny nose. This was day three of Daycare and she is already caught a sinus infection! Yay for daycare! (Not!)

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  1. I saw someone on craigslist looking for a crib the other day because her preteen daughter and her friends decided to play house and one girl got in the baby bed and broke it!