Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Well we survived!! I thought I was so organized and ready to go today, and most of that was thrown out the window! As we got into the day I just felt more and more UNorganized!! I survived and overall it was a good day! Aside from the fact that my Air conditioner is not working!! It was SO, so hot! So yeah, my room smelled REEEEEAAALLLL good after p.e. this afternoon! But it was a good day and I ready for tomorrow!

And the rest of my sweet family...well Addy had a great day! She even took an hour and a half nap, which was longer than I expected! They said she ate everything I sent in her lunch! Yeah, my jaw dropped too! She is so big! I pick her up and she is just running around playing with the other kids. She was SO excited to see me, which of course is my total favorite part of the WHOLE day! Bradley said his day was very long...he wasn't quite as excited as me about today starting school....hehe.....senioritis has set in I think!!

Here is our first day of school picture! Its a set-the-self-timer-run-jump-in-hey-mom-mickey-mouse-is-on picture...and Bradley looks like he just saw a ghost! Just keeping it real! Hope everyone else had as good of day as the Anderle household!!!  

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