Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ready or Not, School starts tomorrow! I am super excited, and very nervous. I have busted my rear to get this room ready. I have planned the first week down to the minute, and I am ready!! Tomorrow is a super big day for all of us. Bradley begins the last year of Law School, Addy is starting at a new preschool tomorrow, and I am beginning my teaching career! We are all super anxious about the changes coming! I am nervous about Addy being thrown into SO many changes lately. Today was also promotion Sunday at church and she moved up in classes to a new room. She has handled the changes very well. She was SO excited to head into her new room. She jumped out of Bradley's arms and walked into her new room, and didn't even hesitate or look back. We have one super independent little girl! It made me choke up a little to think about how soon we will be watching her enter her kindergarten room.......

I got way off track of my point of this post! Here are some pictures of my classroom, probably the last time this year it will be this clean!!

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  1. Too cute! unfortunately, my room is temporary for the next few weeks, so I can't do the cute stuff until I move :-( Hope you had a great first day!