Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The verdict is....

Addy is still a shrimp! We had our nine month check up today. Addy did a great job. She just played through the whole thing. She finds her pedi pretty entertaining, which is great! Here are those stats:

Height- 27.2 inches             50th percentile
Weight- 17 lbs. 10 oz         25th percentile
Head- 17cm                       45th percentile

You can see she is still very small on her weight. She did not gain at all since her sick visit two weeks ago. He seemed quite concerned on her weight, but wanted to give her to a year before we really started worrying. (TOOOOO LATE!!) I explained to him that eating is not something Addy much enjoys. Feeding the kid veggies is like fighting World War III. It just doesn't happen. Occasionally, mashed potatoes or mushed green beans will be eaten. She is so finicky even with her fruits that I never know when she will even take more than three bites, and some nights that is all we get...three measly bites. So we are still watching her food intake. If her appetite doesn't sufficiently increase by 1, she will definitely be on vitamins at that point.

And another area of concern is her right ear. She has another ear infection. We just finished a round of antibiotics two weeks ago, but apparently it didn't clear anything up. She doesn't ever show pain in her ears, so we really had no idea. This is like her Millionth ear infection in her right ear. Her left hardly ever has problems. Something else to watch as we try a different antibiotic this time.

If you can't tell I am feeling totally dramatic tonight. Could be the hours my nocturnal child has been keeping us up at night. We are working on night times very dilligently. Trying several new things that are working well, and we are seeing progress. Slooowly, but surely, nonetheless. So to end my tiresome post with a positive note: I LOVE nine month check-ups because there are NO SHOTS!!!! WOO HOO!!

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