Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend Bradley, Addy and I made the Long drive home yet again. This time it was for GERMANFEST!!! This is Muenster, TX and pretty much the biggest party you have ever seen. Bradley and I got to go out together Saturday night to the fest since my parents were able to watch Addy. It was a lot of fun. We haven't been out together but once or twice since I had Addy, so it was a great date night. We saw lots of old high school friends and got to hang with people that we never get to see anymore. We had a great time with Bradley's brother, Adrian and his wife Stephanie. They also got to slip away from their boys for the night! (Thank God for Grandparents!!) It was one heck of a party and Mark Chestnutt was the entertainment for the final concert. We had a blast and I probably gained ten pounds from all the turkey legs, funnel cakes, sausage on stick, crispitos, and margaritas! Unfortunately again, the camera stayed in the car. I really didn't want to carry it around all night.

Then today was the Germanfest KCs Fun Run! Bradley and I started many weeks ago on the Couch to 5K workout plan. We have been running 3 times a week. It has taken my body SO long to get back in shape after Addy. I have always had a pretty good ability to long distance run. However, after Addy, we started with one minute running and five walking. Overall it is a good program. It progresses slow enough we could keep up. There were many weeks that we would run on Wednesday and not run again until Monday, and we were always able to just skip that time and move on up, so it is pretty doable. I love working towards goals so it was good motivation for me.

Anyway, back to the race...

We began at noon today. After our late night Saturday night, we were a little worried about just finishing! We did pretty darn good if I do say so. I was totally unprepared at the crazy amount of hills we had to run. Bradley and I also work out on an indoor track, so those were tough! If the course would have been reversed it would have been smooth sailing. Apparently some people consider those hills a challenge.... We ran amongst 1000 or so. We ran the 3.1 miles in 31.5 minutes. Our goal was thirty minutes, but I am marking it off as a success anyway. It was so much fun for me. It brought back a lot of those competitive feelings from cross country days. You know that girl that used to run 5Ks in under 24 minutes or so...yeah she ALMOST came back! Haha! However, I am looking forward to running more 5Ks. It is something Bradley and I enjoy together and we can take Addy in the stroller and just hang out as a family!

Pre-Race: Addy wasn't enjoying the wind
But apparently she had fun anyway

The starting line

Finishing stretch: Note Bradley's carefree expression as I about die

Post Race: My face is just a little redder than prior

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