Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Like to Move It, Move IT!!

Today was Addy's last day as an infant at daycare. Tomorrow she graduates to the "Mobiles" room. They stay in the infant room until they are able to move well enough to get into all sorts of trouble. That is exactly what Addy has been up to. Her are a couple funny stories:
  • The Infant room has one small shelf that they keep all the toys on. Since most of their babies are pretty young and immobile they disperse a few toys to each child every morning and they are theirs for the day. Then each afternoon they clean them all and put them back on the shelf. Well the other day Addy got herself to the shelf and proceeded to pull all the toys off, tasting them as she went. Both teachers were tied up with other infants so by the time they got to her she had quite a loot. Of course, all those toys then became Addy's for the day. When I got there to pick her up her mat was littered with toys. It was pretty comical to see the masses of toys compared to the few on the other mats.

  • They also have mirrors that set on the ground about a foot and half high so babies can lay on their tummies and see themselves. They are also made sturdy and safe enough to be pulled up on. They try to never completely isolate a baby so that he/she can't see their neighbors. However, Addy had to have a mirror put up between her and her neighbor because she is a toy theif. She would sneak up as if she wanted to talk, but would hijack toys and return them to her mat. Don't feel bad about her being isolated...she wasn't. She just found ways to jump the hurdles. Hence, the next story...

  • Today I picked her up and got another goofy story. A very small boy in the room (I think he's about 2 months) was put under the mobiles that are free standing so they can hit at the toy and look. Addy immediately spotted it and decided that is where she should be. Ms. Mary said she got all the way to him and was headed for his eyeballs before they were able to rescue him. Apparently she makes regular visits around the room stealing toys and giving orders. She currently runs the place from what I can tell.
Addy has been visiting the mobile room for a few hours each day to get acclaimated into a much faster and louder room. She has done great and is of course loving the new freedoms. I have a feeling she will be grumpier in the evenings seeing as how much busier her day is fixing to be. This month has been an explosion of milestones for Addy. I don't know why, but it has made it SO much harder to leave her. I just want to play with her all day. Not just the few hours I get in the evening before she goes to bed. And bedtime is still at seven. She barely makes it that long anymore. She is just SO tired by the evenings. Like I said, busy, busy, busy!
I decided to start doing a random picture of the day. We will see how long I stick with it. I just get so many goofy pictures of Addy that are just that...Random. So here goes...
Talk about your luck on this one. She did actually make it in her mouth. And no, my little girl is not chowing down on cat food. Its Gerber Puffs...and I think they taste pretty good myself.

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