Friday, January 22, 2010


We are still in the hospital. Addy had a pretty rough afternoon and evening yesterday. She got real hysterical and upset. The steriods are doing aweful things to her, although they are helping as well. She finally fell asleep about nine last night. She just couldn't hold her oxygen levels up on her own so they had to raise her to .75L. That is still a very small amount, but we hated to see it need to be raised. She seemed to sleep pretty well until about four this morning and then she was kind of in and out. She is so exhausted and equally frustrated that she just has trouble settling down and being comforted. She seems so wore out. She doesn't even fight the breathing treatments or tubes anymore. She just hangs out in her bed, and occasionally will wake up and play for a few minutes. I crawled in her bed today and curled up for a nap. We still don't know when we will head home. They are supposed to be decreasing oxygen levels today to get her off by tonight, but so far no one has made any motions toward turning it down, much less off. She did get released this morning from being on IV fluids and her antiobiotic she was taking by IV every four hours to keep infection out. Slowly we are getting this thing beat, but that is just what they all keep saying...this is a long slow process to get over RSV.
Her cage

Waking up from our nap.

Still a pretty happy baby !

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  1. Hang in there! You guys are awesome. She is still cute as ever!