Monday, January 18, 2010


We got Addy a jumperoo yesterday. Since she loves to be upright and standing so much we thought it was a great idea...and it was! She loves it! She isn't quite tall enough to really jump, her toes just barely touch the ground. However, she still gets it bouncing and moving.

You can't tell from the happy faces in the pictures, but Addy is very sick again. She hasn't ate again in several days. She has refused all solids for three days now and is back to getting about six ounces of formula a day. Only now...she is throwing it all back up. We have gotten no more than an hour of straight sleep in several nights now. She is waking up every fifeteen to thirty minutes with fits of coughing. I am really hoping this is not something we will have to deal with throughout her childhood. Hopefully, her strong little body is building up to kick all this sickness!

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