Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life is Good Today

As you can tell, this does not look like a little girl that just got out of the hospital. She has been so happy and cheerful lately. However, she is still on the sickly list. She is extremely tired and easy to wear out. We are hoping she has about made a full recovery, but watching really close for a relapse. The doctor told us to watch for that because it is common in young ones.

Today was a rough day for Miss Addy. She did not want to do anything but sleep, and was a little fussy. She is also still refusing to eat. This little stinker ate 9 ounces in a 12 hour stretch today. She hasn't had solids to speak of for about a week now. She lost about a half of pound from the Tuesday we went in the hospital until this Monday, but that is not so bad since she was in the hospital and too sick to really eat. We are keeping a close eye on her. I worry about her eating habits. She does not seem to think she needs food to make it through a day. Hence, we are still not hardly ever sleeping through the night. We got a good full week tease.

Don't worry, I realize she has only been out of the hospital for about five days. I just hope she doesn't have relapses and we can trudge forward. We were told that RSV can take a long time to completely recooperate from. Hopefully, her appetite will pick up and we can get back to a routine...again!!! Keep my little monkey in your prayers!

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