Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pulling Up!!!

Addy is pulling up!! Here is how we discovered her new milestone. I had just got home with her from school after picking her up. I had put her in her bed so I could unload and unpack the diaper bag from the day. I went and grabbed a load and went back in her room. She had scooted on her bottom really close to the bumper pads and bars in her bed. I didn't think anything about it and brought bottles into the kitchen. As I came back around the corner to get her out, she was about half way up!! I froze and stood in the doorway holding my breath...she got all the way up!! I started clapping and cheering...which scared her and cause her to let go and fall. Of course, she tried a couple more times getting about half way up before she was tired of trying. Needless to say, our chore tonight was lowering the mattress in her bed. I had to get pictures, so I assisted her pull up and snapped some cute ones. She gets so proud of herself. Its great!!

As far as eating is going...Addy is doing so much better. She has been eating tons better. She is still throwing up occasionally, but the pediatrician thought that might be normal for a couple more days while her body is emptying out all of the mucus from RSV. We tried solid food for the first time in two weeks tonight and she ate suprisingly well. We slowly increasing her appetite again.

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