Thursday, October 1, 2009

Memaw's visit

I had a bad sinus infection last week that really knocked me out. Addy was beginning to get sick as well, and with Bradley going to school and working two jobs, I called my mom for backup! Thank goodness she came running to our rescue last week! I started feeling better by the end of the week so we got to spend a little time together over the weekend. She even babysat for me on Saturday night so Bradley and I could go to Louie Louie's with Livie and Scott, my sister and brother-in-law. It was a good date night! Of course, my mom couldn't go back without good pictures, so Saturday she and I hauled Addy out to the Maize in her Halloween suit for pictures and then we took some at the house on Sunday. I thought a frog was fitting between her big beautiful eyes and that non-stop bug catching tongue! :)

We have begun the transition out of the bassinet cradle onto the bed. She just cannot sleep for an extended amount of time flat on her back, so it has been a challenge. Last night went so good though!! She did very well, only getting up one time to eat! We were so proud! She is definitely a play hard, sleep hard kind of kid. She is still only sleeping about fifeteen minutes at a time at daycare just a few times a day, but by the time eight or nine rolls around she is so ready for bed. She is easy to lay down and usually puts herself to sleep. I see more of Bradley in her everyday! He still functions the same way. She is so smiley these days! When I picked her up at daycare her teacher was very excited yesterday! She rolled over twice for them! It was her first time to roll over at daycare. Last night was also the first time she reached out and grabbed her toys on her bouncy seat. She held on for a long time and shook it. Her eyes would get huge when she pulled just hard enough to start the music!

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