Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Andrew's 9, 10, 11, & 12 month post!!

Oh this little blog of mine just keeps getting pushed further down the to-do list. I want to get it caught up. I am very sad that I have done so poorly keeping up with his monthly milestones. Poor third kid.

My little model. He such a sweet baby! He is a super fast crawler!

This little man often cracks himself up these days! He hollers mama all the time and it just makes me melt!!

11 Months
He started walking right about 11 months!
As you can tell he was so not impressed with these pictures! :)

12 Months
He is a quick little guy, trying to run more everyday! :)
He has 8 teeth with 2 more on the way I believe.
He wears mostly 18 month clothing and size 4 shoes and diapers.
He is a big fan of his pacifier and often loves to have several as you can see in the pictures above.
He is saying mama like a champ. He is still rarely saying dada. He has began to say paci and my favorite, banana! He says a word that sounds like 'Mil-mil' which I think is his version of Millie! :)
This boy of mine loves to be physical, often throwing and hitting. He has brought tears to his sisters many times with a surprise attack of either hitting them with something, pulling hair, or throwing something too hard.
He is obsessed with being outside. He will stand by the door and beg like a puppy to go play on the trampoline!
He is a good sleeper and a trooper about sleeping on the go. Poor boy has taken so many naps in the car sitting in parking lots waiting to drop off or pick up sisters.
He is such a sweet and happy little man. His fake laugh keeps us all cracking up and his real giggle is so stinking cute!
He is also a bit of a hot temper. I joke that he should be a red head. Especially if I take something away that he is not supposed to have...he's perfected the tantrum already! Yikes! :)
He has given up the bottle right about 11 months. He is a terribly picky eater even though he doesn't look like it!

This little guy is our pride and joy! We can't imagine not having this rough and tumble little guy to keep us on our toes around here! We love our Andy to pieces!!!

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