Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Eve Night and Christmas Morning

This year we went home from my parents on Christmas Eve to go to our church's service. It was beautiful and tradition that I want to keep!

After that we went home and began preparations for Santa. I am not a baker and definitely not a cookie maker, but we bought the sheets of cookie dough and used some cookie cutters to cut out some fun shapes. I whipped up some easy icing and let the girl have fun. It was a sugary mess, but they loved it!

As per tradition, they also got to tell Alfed our elf by before he left with Santa for the Northpole. Elli has been dying to touch him so she jumped at the chance for a hug!

Addy was much more apprehensive, but loved it!

After everything was laid out and ready, we always read the Christmas story from the bible. This was the first year we didn't read from a real bible, because Addy wanted to read it this year! I have to admit that it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!

Santa got right to work after these kids passed out!

We had a very very humble Christmas this year. One, we were going for pretty low budget, but two, our house is at max on space and toys. I really didn't want to buy meaningless things for the sake of presents. Addy got her lego sets and a sleeping bag.

Elli has been obsessed with letters so Santa hit jackpot with this phonic set,

as well as her very own set of lego duplos.

And this big guy got this little indoor slide! He hasn't quite mastered the steps, but loves climbing up the front and sliding back down on his belly.

From Bradley and I this year we bought all three one gift! A trampoline!! They were both pretty worried that there were no gifts under our tree this year. I have to admit that is was a little sad, but those feelings quickly wore off as their eyes lit up upon seeing this!

A huge shout out to their daddy who worked out in the cold for several hours getting it all put together Christmas Eve night and into the wee morning so these kids could try it out before heading back to the Erwin side for Christmas day!  

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