Thursday, May 28, 2015

Elli's hospital stay

We have had a very eventful 2015 so far. It has been full of doctors and hospitals. I am so very thankful for healthy children. These crazy trips are tough on a mama's heart!
On Friday night prior to Mother's Day, we had gone out to eat. Everyone was happy and fine. We got home and about the time we were getting the kids in bed Elli started acting miserable. She was running a fever and holding her tummy. We figure she was getting a stomach bug and tried to help her get comfortable.
 A few hours passed of pain but no sign of a stomach bug. By midnight the pain would come and go in waves, but was so bad she would just scream and writhe in pain. I knew something was not right and there was still no sign of a bug. Since I am nursing it was too hard for me to be gone that long from Andrew so Bradley loaded her up in the car at midnight and headed to Cooks.
They spent the entire night waiting in triage. About 10 the next morning they finally began working to help her feel better. My poor husband was beat from being up the whole night. My mom came to keep Andy and Addy and I went to relieve Bradley. My poor sweet girl was just as exhausted.
After some testing they decided it was a very bad UTI. They also were concerned because her appendix was swollen so they decided to admit her and have her stay overnight to determine if an appendectomy was necessary.
Putting an IV in this little girl was the most awful thing I have ever had to do. It took 5 adults to hold her down and this mama's heart nearly couldn't take it. She was so mad about it and kept telling me it hurt. I had to keep her arm pinned down because she kept trying to rip it out.
Well it lasted maybe an hour. They needed me to hold her head to look in her ears and I told them if I let go she would rip out her IV...they didn't think she could that fast...and they were wrong.
I was a little relieved that she ripped it out, I won't lie. Because they were worried about surgery, they wouldn't let her eat or drink. Not even water. And she was begging for it. It was heart wrenching to have to keep denying her. Once she ripped it out they allowed her to get some water while they made a decision about the IV.
Since the IV was out they sent her to radiology to look at her appendix again and see if surgery was necessary to determine if the IV had to be put back in. Once again her little Hulk strength made that impossible. They ruled out appendicitis since they said if it were about to rupture it would have been obvious on the screen.  

They had decided to keep her overnight, but since everything looked clear on the appendix and she was just on oral antibiotics they allowed us to go home to recover from the UTI. She was eating and drinking like crazy as soon as they gave her the go ahead so dehydration wasn't a concern either.
It was a brutal 24 hours, but we were very thankful that was all it was. My poor sweet girl is a fighter and she gave Bradley, me and the nurses some serious workouts over simple things like even listening to her heart. Being two is a hard age to be in the hospital. I kept telling her that the nurses and doctors were trying to help her feel better, but all she knew was they kept hurting her. She will probably grow up and be a doctor someday, but for now, she is terrified of anyone with a stethoscope around their neck! :)

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  1. Poor girl! Luckily I have not experiences a UTI with either of my girls, but I have a good friend whose daughter has had several & she has been in & out of the hospital & they say she is always in pain :(