Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weeks 13, 14, & 15

Week 13: I had a doctors appt. on Wednesday of this week. It was the first time that I had to take the girls and I knew it would be interesting having Elli with me! :) Luckily, my drs. office was really good at getting me in and out. I had my NT scan (down's screening) during the sonogram this time. I knew that was going to be interesting since Elli has a melt down anytime a doctor messes with any of us. Sure enough my laying on the table did her in. I ended up on the table with Elli on top of me while the lady did my sono as quick as she could. It ended up being quicker than she wanted because baby number 3 wasn't cooperating either! Little stinker was hiding behind the placenta and wouldn't budge to get measured. They asked if I wanted to do the blood tests to test for down's syndrome, but I just waved all testing. All else was well and I was given a free pass for an extra week off and don't have to come back until 16 weeks!!
Week 14: This week was the first week that I could feel the slightest little flutters. I am pretty sure that it's baby movement. It is still super hard to catch and only if I am laying completely still. I have also thrown up way to much this week. I keep thinking I am done being sick, but I still have tons of food aversions and issues.

Week 15: Morning sickness is cutting me no slack this time around. Still getting sick on and off in the mornings and having terrible food aversions. Getting the girls lunches packed first thing in the morning has become the most miserable job ever!! This week I can't seem to feel any movement. I find it weird since I was feeling movement easily by this time with Elli. Otherwise all is well!!
And one more because the girls were too cute looking at each other in this one! :)

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