Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wee school 2014

We all survived the first day of Wee school! We didn't just survive...we thrived!! :)
These two weren't really feeling pictures this morning since they were pulled from bed much earlier than they've been used to this summer!
Elli wasn't having any part of the board pictures...but I was able to capture one of Addy.
And I had to get one of all of us since it was my first day at Wee School as well.
We also had our fun back to school breakfast. I must admit it was rather low key this year. I had intentions of making a few fun printables and décor for our table but my printer ran out of ink the night before literally as I started on them! (and I may of had a mini panic attack!) I had to use what I had and be a little creative!

The girls have been loving these little pancakes. We threw on some strawberries and milk! 

Looking very groggy as they ate this morning!

I gave in this year and embraced the character lunchboxes! The girls were ecstatic!
We put together these fun little goodies for our teachers this year! I am SO tickled pink with the teachers my girls have and I think they already feel the same!

 I took a separate car this morning to school since I needed to be there very early and I didn't want the girls having a rushed first morning. Bradley brought them up with instructions to take tons of pictures! :) He did good. These next two just melt my heart! Addy is so comfortable and familiar, but she was so sweet helping ease Elli into the day!
Addy had Ms. Annick last year and she was very excited to be with her again...as was I!  We love this lady, and I know that Addy will be prayed over and loved abundantly this year!
 Addy's new assistant teacher, Ms. Jules! I have her twins so it has been so fun getting to know each other!
And although Elli wasn't very happy about drop off....she loved her teachers too! We didn't get a picture with Ms. Jennifer since Elli wasn't happy, but I will soon!
 Ms. Stacy is the most patient and loving teacher. I have heard about how awesome she is and I can already attest that she will be the one that finally gets Elli over her anxiety of being left! Ms. Jennifer is just as amazing! Both sweet teachers held my hand today as I adjusted to not having my sweet girl with me!  
It was  a successful day for me too! I was absolutely wore out after today in a way I haven't been in years, but I can already tell I am going to have the best class! My parents are so supportive and attentive. My kids were all so fun and energetic! I absolutely ate up the hugs! What a joy it is to be with preschoolers! I must say that my favorite part is telling these young ones about Jesus! It was a strange feeling putting Jesus loves you on the bulletin board, but I couldn't wait to! I hope that I am able to love these kids this year as Jesus loved us!

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