Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Elliotte is 8 Months!

Elliotte is already 8 months old! What a big girl!

Elli is such a sweet little mommy's girl! She is getting a little more friendly towards others with each passing month. She still has the best stank eye ever and uses it often if she is at all concerned that you might try to pry her from her momma's arms!

She is still wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 month clothing. She had a third tooth break the gum on top this month, but it isn't making its way in very quick at all.
Elli is trying SO hard to crawl. She can scoot all over the room and rolls around constantly. She is so frustrated that her body won't get moving in the same direction. She often will get on her hands and knees and rock. When she can't get moving from there she will throw her body down and scream into the carpet. She may be a bit of a hot temper!

Elliotte babbles 'dadada' all day long. She hasn't even mumbled the 'mmm' sound yet. Really the 'D' sound is the only consonant sound we have heard from her. She is in love with her jumperoo still. She enjoys crinkle sounds still. She loves to knock down a stack of blocks. The remote is going to be the reason she finally crawls, or the iPad.

Elliotte is nursing 5 times a day. She actually all out refused the bottle the other day and went to bed hungry while staying with my mom! Eek!! She is still waking once at night to eat usually at 5 or so. Then she goes back to sleep until 7:30. Some nights we make it all night. She is eating much more solid food. She is really learning how to take bites and chew them up. She handles it so well when she gets to much in her mouth. We haven't had any gagging in weeks now. Her favorite foods are cheese, avocado, tomatoes, toast, banana. She can actually eat a half of banana by herself now!

Elli is still so obsessed with Addy. She loves to play with her. It seems sometimes that Addy plays a little rough, but if you look at Elli she is cracking up with open mouth smiles. Addy keeps her entertained and is such a helper. Bath time is still one of our favorite times of the day!

Elliotte is a stage 3 clinger still. She is still earning a reputation at church for having her parents called the most. :) We are making it through sunday school a little more often, but can't quite make the service too.  She is tantrum thrower already. Girl has some serious lung power!! She is getting better, and hopefully soon we will get over this hurdle. I can't help but crack up at her stubborn little self. It is so fun to see how this little firecracker grows and changes!! 

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  1. Hey Joni - I heard you guys are coming over on Saturday for Zoe's birthday party. Can't wait to see you & your adorable girls :)