Friday, July 26, 2013

Slices of Life, Vol. 3

I haven't done this in a while so a few of these go back to when Elli was much tinier. Addy keeps us cracking up around here. I know there are a million others that I fail to get written down before they escape my memory. She is such a little thinker.

As infants often do Elliotte pooped in the tub one night. Addy was watching and helping me give a bath. (She doesn't handle seeing poop well)
In between gags she says: "Mom! We aren't supposed to poop in the tub! I always toot in the tub, but never poop!"

One day I was given Addy instructions to do something. She does it and then looks at me and very exasperatedly responds, " Mom, will I get to be in charge someday?"

Our house number is 756. One day upon arriving home we were in the driveway as the garage opened. Addy noticed our house numbers on the house.
*giggles* "Mom, yall put those numbers in the wrong order. The right order is 5,6,7."

Confessions of a 3 year old: "Mom, I was on my way to the bathroom to throw my booger away. But I dropped it!! Don't worry, I didn't eat. I did just leave it in the carpet though."

When watching the Little Mermaid during the scene where the shark is after Flounder and Ariel.
me:"Oh, look. Flounder is running from the shark."
Addy: (cracking up big time) "NO he isn't mom! He is SWIMMING from the shark!"

As Elli is laying on the floor playing and begins grunting and making some serious faces.
Me: "Looks like Elli is pooping, she's going to need a diaper."
Addy: "No, mom. Actually she is just trying to talk like a monkey."

Getting out of the car in the Texas sun makes Addy sneeze everytime. After a day of errands and her sneezing every single time out of the car, it was cracking me up.
Me: ' Wow, that sun sure does make you sneeze, doesn't it."
Addy: (in the most seriously concerned voice) "Yes, mom it does. I am allergic to sun. I shouldn't keep being in it because I am allergic."

Getting down Candyland to play one morning Addy informs me that, "Mom, you should just have two more kids so we can play candyland with 4 people."

One day while being unappreciative of the princess dresses that she has and relentlessly asking for more, in a frustrated tone I said, "Well, maybe we should get rid of the ones you have then."
To which she very tenderly replies, "Oh mama, that's a good idea. I bet there are lots of little girls that don't have any princess dresses and they would love one of mine."
*I just paid $20 a dress for her birthday. She is out of her mind if she thinks we are getting rid of them already. I LOVE her tender heart... but not happening. So basically, I learned a lesson here. Don't make empty threats!!

Sitting in a drive thru at Sonic for way to long one day Addy begins to access the problem. My little critical thinker is just like her daddy. There is a reason and explanation for everything.
Addy: Mom why is it taking so long to get your large Dr. Pepper.
Me: I don't know kiddo.
Addy: Maybe they accidently made you a medium. That would take a while because then they have to dump that one out, get a new cup and then make a new large Dr. Pepper.
Me: maybe so
Addy: Well mom, you know, that really would be a lot of work. Its like making two drinks instead of one.

Addy: Mom, I really want a little brother.
Me: I know sweetie. You know what? Growing up I always wanted a little brother too.
Addy: You didn't get a little brother?
Me: Nope, I had little sisters, like you.
Addy: So why won't you let me have one?
Me: It's just not that easy. Remember we don't get to pick what babies are. God plans that for us.
Addy: Well, I am going to have to talk to God and see why I can't have a brother.
Me: Let me know what you find out.
Addy: I might not have a brother, but I am going to born a little boy for my baby girls one day.
Me: You are?
Addy: Yeah, that will fix my problem.

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