Monday, May 13, 2013

The Girls' Dedication

This last Sunday we participated in First Baptist Saginaw's baby dedication. We never formally dedicated Addy in the church while in Lubbock so we brought both girls in front of the church.
The church did something a little different for baptist denomination churches and that was ask that you have Godparents to represent your child. The role of Godparents has definitely wanned over the years, but Bradley and I were very excited to choose special people to love and pray for our sweet girls. We instantly knew who we would choose for each girl.
Addy's Godparents are Scott and Olivia. These two lived in Lubbock and have been through so much with us and helped us raise Addy in immeasurable ways. Aunt Liv is Addy's confidante. She already gets most of the secrets (and is usually trying to coax Raisenets out of her!) And only Uncle Scott can get away with giving Addy such a hard time and then takes it when she dishes it back!  They love our sweet girl like their own and I have full confidence that Addy will always find a special place for these two in her heart.
Elli's Godparents are Adam and Jenny. These two moved back 'home' about the same time we did and we have done nothing but bond. They have been especially bonded with Elli since her birth and such a support system as I am figuring out this second child thing. Elli has a particular love for Uncle Adam's crazy bouncing and Aunt Jenny's sweet rocking. I am sure that she too will forever have a special bond with these two!
Being that it was Mother's Day we were especially blessed that both mine and Bradley's parents joined us! We have such an amazing Godly parents that have worked and strived for only the best raising for us. I am so glad that they are so involved in the lives of my girls, physically and spiritually. These mamas have spent many nights praying over their own children (and still do) and I know they do the same for their grandchildren!
Papa & Nana Anderle

Grandpa & Granny Erwin
Bradley and I are so extremely proud of our two girls. We take our responsibility to raise them very serious. We stood up in front of the church on Sunday and commited to raise our girls in a home that teaches them how to have their own relationship with Christ. We are so blessed that we have the support of our family!

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