Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hannah Mae's Track Season

What a great track season my youngest sister Hannah Mae had! We had the pleasure of traveling to Abilene last weekend to watch this girl run the 400m race! It is a race that takes some serious guts! I know because it was one of my races in high school! I am a little bit jealous and whole lot of proud at the race this chick ran this week!! She blew my PR out of the water. She placed 4th and was like less than a half second from 2nd and 3rd! It was so close!
Hannah Mae is the one in the center with the yellow jersey! Look at her killer legs!

These two little beauties were all dolled up and ready to cheer on their sweet aunt!! They were amazing little troopers through a whole day of pre-lims and the next day of finals!  
It is so much fun to live close and get to be a part of Hannah's high school sports career! She gets one more year and I can't wait to see her do it again!

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