Monday, April 29, 2013

Elliotte is 4 months!

Oh my! What a month for Miss Elli! This little girl is a growing little chunk! She weighed in at 13 pounds and 6.8ounces and is 24 1/2 inches long. She is officially passed sister's stats and is beefing up much quicker!
I have to say that this last month is *hopefully* the hardest month yet with Sweet Elliotte. We have hit some very hard hurdles and rather than jumping them we seem to have drug ourselves over. We took Elli to the pediatrician this month with so much to visit about. We left feeling reassured that our sweet girl is just a totally different baby than her sister and we are basically learning to parent all over again it seems. Elliotte is showing delays in several areas of development. At this point, they are not great delays and are not of huge concern to our pediatrician. We will definitely be reevaluating Elli at 6 months and if she still is showing delays we may do some further testing, but at the moment we are just rolling with the punches and working with our sweet girl.
Some of these delays are actually things that Elli picked up just this week. Others are things she's done a handful of times, but doesn't consistently. For instance, Elli has rolled over 3 times. That's it. She has only laughed 3 times as well. She is holding her head up when on her stomach, but not at a 90 degree position that they want to see at 4 months. She gets tired quickly and mad even faster!
She has just this week actually grasped an object. Even still majority of the time she will not hold onto it. She has also a random time brought an object to her mouth. She is showing progress by the day on this but this also goes along with her stimulation issues. She gets so over worked when there are new objects in front of her that our time of working on grasping toys is limited by her shutting down.
Speaking of shutting down, I think that Elli spent the majority of her third month screaming. She is a very vocal little lady! Anyone that has been anywhere with us can attest to this! Elli doesn't seem to handle being out of her house. She gets so worked up and ends up hysterically screaming the whole time we are out. I have tried the carrier, holding her, wearing her. Nothing. She's a tough cookie.
As for sleep. If its possible, she regressed big time at night. It has gotten so bad that she practically sleeps with me in bed now. She wants to nurse all night and has so much trouble staying asleep. I am often functioning on 4 to 5 hours of sleep, none of which are consecutive.
It is often very easy for me to focus on the stress that Elli brings, but she also brings me SO much joy! She absolutely loves her mama! She is so smiley after I fill her belly! She loves to carry on conversations with me. As much as I want the girl to sleep in her own bed, I love how she snuggles up to me and cuddles.
Elliotte is still a champion eater! She LOVES to eat and takes advantage of every oppurtunity to do so. She is still exclusively breastfed. She is showing absolutely no signs of being ready for table food, so we will probably be holding off until 6 months on that.
Elli is becoming more and more obsessed with Addy. Often times Addy is still a bit much for Elli and she gets worked up, but more often she just watches her every move!
I really am amazed that this precious girl is all mine! She is so sweet and loving and I just know that as she grows and matures that she will begin to let others into her world and show them her soft side too!

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