Friday, February 22, 2013

Addy at 3 1/2

I feel like it has been an eternity since I have done any kind of update on Miss Addy. My sweet big girl is growing in leaps and bounds! I am constantly amazed by her!

Size wise of course, Addy is still on the little end. However, for Addy she has grown like crazy! This summer at her third birthday she was still wearing mostly 24 month clothing and 18 month pants. She has since moved into 2T and folks, the little girl is just about ready to move up again!! She has sprouted up like crazy! She still has the teeniest waist ever, so pants are hard to fit, but she is growing for sure!! Addy has moved up into a size 7 shoe also! She still has her daddy's wide square feet!

As far as brains go, Addy is in no way behind in her age group! She is absolutely brilliant and I truly think she was blessed with Bradley's quick wit and analytical thinking skills. She can put up one heck of an argument for anything. She is a counting queen and can identify all her letters and their sounds of both upper and lower case. She is just beginning to understand that we put those sounds together to make words. She is great at reading environmental print. Addy loves to play games (Candyland, Hungry Hippo, Chutes & Ladders, Memory) and I am here to vouch that the girl will win every time!!

Addy loves to read. She often picks the same books over and over and over. She has just began wanting to 'read' to us. Her memorization of every little detail and large vocabulary word is amazing as she 'reads' these books back to us word for word.

We have hit the princess phase for sure! This little girl is absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses. She spends hours playing with castle and princess figurines. She loves to get up in the mornings and run straight for the princess dress up gowns complete with high heels and tiaras! She often refers to me as her queen or Bradley as her prince. And don't be surprised if you ever see Bradley decked out in a suit dancing at the royal ball that Addy throws for him very often.

Addy has taken up trike riding as her latest hobby. Since we've moved into our own home that is her favorite thing to do! Its not a great outside toy since its so small, but she can make some serious laps around the dinner table! I am thinking a first bicycle is definitely on the list for her next birthday!

Cooking is another interest Addy has just recently taken up with. Every single time it is time for a meal she is popping in the kitchen asking what she can help with. As much as I love her help, it does often slow down cooking times as she shoves a chair from counter to counter to make sure she isn't missing any of the action! I love her enthusiasm for helping out and I take it completely in!! I am sure I will be missing it during those teenage years ahead!

Addy's love language I think is definitely gift giving. She is a present fanatic. I realize most kids love to get gifts at this age, but Addy LOVES to give presents. She can often be found carefully going through the playroom finding the perfect present to wrap up and give to Bradley or I, or her current favorite, baby sister Elli! She gets so excited every time we open our gifts. The girl is all about surprises too! Nothing gets her more excited than the words, "I have a surprise for you!"

Addy is a rather klutzy little thing. Poor girl. Her gross motor skills are not quite fine tuned and she often will trip over her own feet. However, she is tough! She went through a major drama time where every bump was a crisis. She now will hop up and announce, I'm OK!! I often crack up when I am in the other room and hear her holler "I'm OK!" from the playroom.

Addy has recently decided that sleepovers are the best thing ever! She often requests to go spend the night with family! It is so awesome now that we live close, we can gladly oblige!

Cubbies is a church program aimed at service and bible memorization projects that Addy has fell in love with! She is a master memorizer of her verses! She absolutely loves reading her bible and asking us constant questions, mostly about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Sweet Addy has just taken on such a new role as Big Sister. She often reminds us that when Elli is crying it is probably because she can't find her big sister. She loves to ask about her and watch her 'play.' She cannot wait for the day that Elli actually takes the rattle from her that she offers on a regular basis. She is an awesome 'fetcher' and loves this job. She often asks if I need her to go get something...and I often take advantage of such service!

This sweet precious girl has been such an amazing kid through all the transitions of the last several months! Moving a few times, adding a new sister, switching churches...its enough to put a kid into overdrive (and mamas too!) but she has taken it all in! We are so blessed to have a little girl that loves life as much as our little bundle of energy does! I love watching her grow and learn new things!

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