Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elliotte - 1 Month

Oh my goodness! How did this happen so fast!

Elliotte is already a whole month old!

She weighed 8 pounds exactly at her weight check the other day.

Elliotte is just nearly out of newborn. We are finishing up the last of a newborn diaper package and will be moving up! She is also pretty much stretched her newborn clothes to the max. While 0-3 month clothing is a little big on her, newborn is looking more and more like spandex!

She has become so much more alert in the recent weeks. She is spending a good part of the day awake. In fact, she pretty much tries to refuse naps during the day. I usually get about 1 good nap out of her. She is often a fussy mess during the day because she is soo tired, but there is just too much to do to give up and sleep!

She is a rockstar sleeper at night though! She goes to bed after her 10:00 feeding every night. We always take a bath right before, eat, and she passes out! Often she is back up at 3 hours wanting to eat, but just recently she seems to be getting up about 3:30 or 4 and then up for the day about 7! I am loving these hours!

Nursing has been a dream this time around. She is a serious little eater. However, she is a pretty slow nurser. She may be a slow eater like her sister and daddy! She is often ready to eat after about 2 hours, but we are slowly getting on a 3 hour schedule. She does not have near the gas issues that Addy had either. I really think the difference of not having bottles with air has helped so much!

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