Saturday, January 19, 2013

Year In Review

What a year for the books!! This has by far been the year of "Life Changes." And we crammed as many as we could into this one year!!!
January began the year with a major decision. Bradley and I decided we were ready to add on to our family of 3 and were going to begin trying for another baby.
February brought another major decision as Bradley turned in his resignation with Legal Aid and accepted a job with TOASE, his current law firm.
I, too, turned in my resignation at Lubbock ISD as we prepared for a big move. We decided that I would become a stay at home mom once we relocated.
March began a crazy adjustment as Bradley headed off to the metroplex to begin his new job. Addy and I began to create a new normal with daddy around only on weekends.
It was also in March that we were elated to find out that we were expecting a baby, and later that same month heartbroken to find that we had lost it.
April ended on in elation as we were blessed with another pregnancy! We began our pregnancy journey that lead to Miss Elliotte!
May was a month of tears. I shed a LOT of them as I went through so many 'lasts' in Lubbock. We told many goodbyes and did lots of packing. However, our family was reunited as we joined Bradley.
June was a refreshing month as we enjoyed lots of family time and sunshine! Bradley and I went on the first real vacation we have been on since our honeymoon. It was technically a work trip for Bradley, but was absolutely memorable and the first time we had left Addy for more than a night. She of course, did great and we all had a great week!
July was no less exciting! We started the month off with a Rainbow party for Addy's 3rd birthday. We had a blast celebrating another year of life of our sweet girl.
We also learned in July that our hearts were going to be even more full of pink and frills as we were expecting a second daughter!

August and September were spent soaking up the last days of summer and spending lots of time with family.

October was the month that Bradley and I decided that we wanted to begin looking at homes. We found the perfect place and put in a bid. We found out at the end of the month that the home was ours!!

November was a whirlwind month filled with paperwork for the house, packing, and lots of work!

And DECEMBER....oh, glorious December. The big whammy of all. We definitely went out this this year with a bang!!
The first week of December, Bradley and I signed our names a few hundred times and were officially homeowners!! We endured about two weeks of crazy painting, minor fixups, and lots of packing and unpacking.

Our year ended with the blessing of a precious new life to add to our family. Sweet Elliotte Dalene was born into our family on December 20th.
We were able to spend Christmas this year as a family of 4.
Bradley and I have been so blessed by this journey that we continue to travel together. We often stop and reflect back on those dramatic teenage years and wonder how we have come so far! What a wonderful life we lead together. This year was no different! It was by far the craziest, busiest, and most exciting year yet. We cannot wait to see what 2013 will bring to the Anderle family!

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