Friday, January 11, 2013

Anderle Christmas

The Anderle Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Eve this year. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend the night and enjoy all the festivities but we weren't going to miss out on all the fun! We loaded up both girls and headed on over. It was a short trip, but well worth the fun!!

My two beautiful girls decked out in their Christmas best!
Addy was so excited to see all of her cousins and boy were they excited to see her! They had been waiting on her to get started with presents so you can imagined how bombarded she was by all those boys at the door!
Nana with her only two granddaughters

 This was hilarious! Their gifts to each other! They both sent Jenny out in search of Ipads for the other!

  One more of my most precious gifts!

One of Addy's favorite presents! Her princess suitcase!

Nana and Papa with the newest addition to the Anderle Gang!

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