Saturday, December 1, 2012

North Pole Breakfast

This morning for breakfast Addy had a very special surprise waiting on her and her cousin Cooper, who's here for the weekend...

Guess who came back to visit! Alfred the Elf! This sneaky guy flew in from the North Pole and made a huge mess of snow on the table. He brought with him a friend for Cooper and his family. His name is Amos!
 These two sleepy faces turned to big smiles once they got grips on what was going on!

Bradley did the honors of reading the book to remind us all about our elves.

Looks got very confused when we began talking about the elves magic and how they can't be touched. It was too funny to see the processing going on in their little minds.

But don't worry, those concerns were soon wiped away and we enjoyed a perfect North Pole Breakfast!

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  1. Nice story with the elves. And I love the look on the kid's faces :)