Monday, November 12, 2012

The Doc is In

Addy is a big time fan of Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr. It's a little girl that gives her toys check ups and helps them feel better. Well we decided to have our own doctor fun a while back. We checked out lots of books from the library about doctors.
And of course, Addy's favorite thing ever is getting bandaids for anyone in need! So we used them to decorate her letter D.

This kid loves to write! She does really well, especially if she is using a pen to work like her daddy does!

And we did lots of counting. She made a book with, of course, MORE bandaids!

This girl LOVES to give check ups! She is very aware of the drs. routines, especially since she sees this every week with me at the dr. She is the queen of diagnosing anything that ails you!
Need a blood pressure check?

All drs. should sport a pink stethoscope. 

And we get routine eyes and ears checks here too! 

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