Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 25


Weight: I have managed to maintain this week... 10 pounds total.

Movement: Addy finally felt Elli kick on her! Not that its the first time that Addy has been kicked, goodness no! She was just still enough this time to feel it! Her little eyes lit up and she just grinned so big! I think it was so real to her that there is a baby in there! She hasn't stopped asking if its time for Elli to come now!! Bless her heart...9 months is an eternity at age 3!!  

Exercise: I am back to it! I was able to run 3 miles this week easy! It felt so good, no achiness afterwards either!

Sleep: I have been sleeping a little better do to a memory foam pillow that I now put between my knees. Since it holds its shape better, it seems to make all the difference!

Dr. Appt: Every 3 weeks they measure everything, but in between they do a biophysical profile, which is a test of sorts. There are 8 things they check and of course, my rockstar got an A+!! She is still just perfect! She was so much more active today and I got to just watch her for a bit, as movement is a major part of her 'test.'
The sono tech just couldn't get over her chubby cheeks. She said it is usually hard to get a picture of their cheeks, but our sweet girl has some super kissable ones that were very clear today!!!
I cannot wait to for this nugget to get here! I get more excited with every appointment!

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