Thursday, September 20, 2012

It finally happened...

I made it pretty far into this pregnancy before it happened. It caught me completely off guard! I had no answer prepared and stammered around like I was asked to solve the world's problems....

"Mommy, how is Elli gonna get out of your tummy?"

I guess I should preface that question by saying that I have been asked that many times already. We always reply with, "Well I go to the hospital and the dr. will take her out." That has sufficed up until yesterday.

"But HOW mommy, where does the dr. pull her out at?"

Oh Lord, I seriously looked at her for what seemed like 5 minutes trying to figure out how to dodge this bullet. I was secretly wishing I was a csection for sure...thats so easy right? He just cuts her out! But I just couldn't lie. I thought about the whole belly button trick...again, just seemed stupid. I am pretty sure by this point my heart was racing. So I tried again, "Drs. go to school so they can learn how to get babies out. Thats why I have to go to the hospital."....She wasn't biting.

"But mommy, where do you have a place for Elli to get out?"

Ok, now I am sweating. She is persistent. I really want a pause button so that I can run call Bradley and we can have a lengthy discussion about how to handle this 'parenting issue.' However, she keeps demanding answers. I hastily reply, "Well you have to be a mama to have a baby." WHAT? That doesn't even make since....but she was buying!

"Oh. How come you have to be a mama to have a baby?"

Operation Distraction is full force....change the course of this questioning!! "Well because God made mommy's special so they can have babies." I seriously was holding my breath hoping that she took the bait.

"I have to be a mommy to have a baby? How do you get to be a mommy?"

Whew! Finally one I knew the answer to! "You have to find someone you love very much and get married to them forever! THEN God will bless you with a baby!"

"Oh....(with the most bummed voice ever) I have to get married first???"

"Yes Sweetie, you HAVE to!"

She happily scampered off to see what other kind of derailing questions she could come up with! I stood in the kitchen staring at the lunch that I was preparing and began laughing, giggling to myself. Mostly with how terrified I felt. I could feel my heart drop back to my chest.

Whew...I just dodged the biggest bullet I will have to face as a parent. That WAS the hardest it gets right??

Don't burst my bubble just yet....

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