Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 13

Another week down! Second Trimester is officially here!!

Still no weight gain..maybe a half pound?
I am feeling great and getting my appetite back!
I am feeling those little flutters of movement much more frequently!
Shots are getting easier, but I still dread 9pm every night!
This week was another appt week. I am still going to the doctor every 2 weeks, and so far have had a sonogram at every appointment. I would be lying if I said I didn't like getting to see sweet Rudolph so often!
This week was the NT scan. This is the early testing for Down's syndrome and some other testing. Our sweet baby checked out and was perfect!
What I can't get over is how laid back this little babe is!! Our scan with Addy took forever because she would NOT quit doing summersaults!! Every ultrasound for that matter she was a little nut! (That was definitely a clue that this girl would be a bundle of energy from the word go!!)

But not this sweet child, the baby was nestled into a little spot and had no interest in putting on a show. The tech had trouble getting a good picture because of the angle baby was laying at, so she would try and get Rudolph moving.   Baby would wiggle, kick around, and settle right back into the same position. Baby has acted the same at the last several ultrasounds!
We talked to the doctor a little more about the shots. He said that there is no way he would discontinue them. (BOO!) He feels that it is in our best interest to continue throughout. He also mentioned being glad I don't have to have it twice a day like some...
Grateful mommy here!!
We will go soon and start seeing the maternal-fetal specialist (High risk doctor) also!
I am so grateful for these doctors and all their work to keep my and my baby healthy!

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