Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 12

Yikes...already getting these up late. That's a good sign, right??

12 weeks!! One more and its second trimester for me! This week Addy decided that she wanted to help draw the board. Every week she helps me clean it, but she was itching to get in on the I turned her loose!

But here is the official picture!

These are real life was a play outside and sweat kind of day. Sorry for the rough looking hair dos! You can tell how much this baby has popped out there this week!
Believe or not, I haven't gained a pound yet!
I have felt the slightest little soft kicks this week.
EVERYTHING happens so much faster the second time around!
I am amazed (and a little worried) about how much faster my belly is expanding!

Bradley snapped this one before our anniversary dinner the other night!
Woah, Baby!!
My spine is definitely starting to curve to support that pregnancy waddle.
 We are getting closer on our names...depending on the day!
I am feeling great!
No sickness here lately *knock on wood*!
My weirdest craving: tomatoes

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