Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where to Begin....

I have once again fell off the blogging wagon. Life has been absolutely crazy lately with just the daily grind of the Anderle household. January flew by entirely way to fast and here it is already more than half way through February! Unfortunately and fortunately for us life will not slow down any time soon...in fact, it could get crazier..no, no,...it WILL get crazier.


Bradley was just recently hired as an associate attorney at a law firm in Fort Worth. The name of the firm is T.O.A.S.E. (which are the founding partners last initials). We are absolutely estatic with this new move and transition. Most of you are aware that Bradley is currently making a 2 hour commute EACH WAY on a daily basis. His office is in Amarillo, so you can imagine how sick he is of the highway!

We got to go two Fridays ago to see the new place and meet the other attorneys and staff. It was so much fun! The attorneys were so friendly and easy to visit with. They were so excited to have Addy on board as well. The office is just brimming of little blonde girls apparently! Nearly every attorney commented on another little blonde girl! It was so funny because it is usually Addy and the boys...She will love having all those little girls to play with! We really enjoyed meeting everyone, got to pick out Bradley's new office and hear about all the fun perks and activities that this job will come with!! They stressed it over and over in the interviews that they are a family friendly firm, but we got to see how true that was! Every attorney gave us the low down on their own family and asked about ours. They told us all about their family picnics, summer swims, and other great activities the firm does. We are so excited to jump on board with it all!!

The catch is that Bradley will be starting on March 5...soon huh!! Well I obviously will finish out the school year here in Lubbock and Addy and I will join him at that time. It will be a long 3 months, but such a short time in the great spectrum of life! I am hoping my health will stay on my side and allow me an easy couple of months of feeling good.

Bradley's favorite part: the free break room with drinks and snacks! HAHA!!
Addy's favorite part: Grandparents are at most an hour away now!!

I am so excited to finally spend all day with my favorite little girl ever! This is going to be such a huge blessing of this new job!

Thank you all so much for the prayers and congratulations on this big move! I will keep you updated as we make more progress towards a move!

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