Monday, September 5, 2011

New School Year begins...

It has been forever since I have whipped out a blog post. We have been so busy, and I have done NO documenting of the past several weeks, so I have had little motivation to blog. However, we are still alive and doing great!!

I have started back to school again. I am teaching 3rd grade social studies and writing/ELA this year. It has been an interesting switch, but I am definitely enjoying the change. I am getting back in the swing of things. It was rough the first week. I was just so exhausted!! Things are smoothing out and I am looking forward to a great year!

Bradley had started a new job!! Yay! We were so blessed that he found a job SO fast after the bar and it took very little interviewing!! He is working for Legal Aid of Northwest Texas. It is the firm that he interned with last year and has continued to take cases for over the summer. The catch is that he was actually hired by the Amarillo office, Lubbock did not have any open attorney positions. So Bradley has had quite the transition beginning this new job and an added 2 hour commute one way!! He is just driving it two days a week right now as he finishes up cases he has here in Lubbock, but soon will be making the drive everyday. We really are not sure about making the big move to Amarillo. Most likely we will finish out the year and move next summer. As long as the commute works for Bradley we will probably stay with it. We are so proud of him and excited for him to really get started taking his own cases. Of course, he can't be completely turned loose until he actually gets licensed after bar results come out in November!

Addy has had probably the most exciting beginning to her year!! This is the first time since she was 6 weeks that she isn't getting stuck in daycare! A friend, Natalie, that I worked with 2 years ago is staying home with her two cute boys, Kason and Max, and has added Addy to her clan!! Addy is in heaven! Kason is also 2, but several months older than Addy. She just thinks he is the coolest kid ever and loves going to play everyday. Natalie is amazing also! She has helped make the transition the easiest ever!! She is full of the most fun ideas and gives Addy lots of loving while we are at work! This last week Natalie worked on colors all week and on Friday had a Color Party!

 I got this super cute picture at work and it just warmed my heart to see Addy getting to have so much fun!! It is so nice to have documentation of my Addy's days! Natalie is awesome with a camera! Green eggs and blue milk for the Color Party!!
They got to have a balloon fight also! How cute are these two!?!
Natalie also plans a cooking activity each week with that they help with. Have you ever seen cuter bakers!? We have been munching on some yummy treats that Addy brings home for us! Calories don't count when your kids bake it right?? :)
Natalie also has baby Max. I am not sure Addy new what to think at first being around an infant. However, she talks about Max constantly! Everyday I ask her what she did and she answers, "Pay Kason!" I say, "What did you and Kason play?" "Pay Max!!" Poor Max! Haha! I picked Addy up the other day and she is just yelling away, Max just continued snoozing in his swing! He has to be the soundest sleeper ever!

Starting tomorrow Addy and Kason are going to go to Superkids, a parent's day out, twice a week. We went to open house this past week and Addy wouldn't so much as look at her teacher. It will be a rough first week for my little shy baby, but I know she will LOVE it!

We are definitely feeling So blessed in the Anderle household right now!! We are so excited that Addy is being taken care of and loved on by such an amazing family! Daniel and Natalie have totally opened their hearts and home to my sweet girl! Those of you that have left your infant or toddler know that their is no price you can put on piece of mind while your child is in someone else's care!

Hopefully things will be a little more lively around here as we get in a better routine!

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