Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have I Mentioned....

That the Bar is OVER!!!!!!

Yep, we are just a little excited in the Anderle house!! Bradley took the bar last Tuesday thru Thursday. It was a three day process with several parts. One section was multiple choice, but the rest was writing. He had a mini scenarios to write, and mostly essay. Needless to say, he has't been around a lot and has been very pre-occupied! 
I don't know that I have ever seen him so excited and relaxed as when he came home at 4 o'clock on Thursday!
Addy and I are so excited to have him back! We now have the dreaded wait until November to get his results and actually be licensed.
 Ugh!! However, we are so confident that he passed.
(I love that boy in a suit! Looks all growed up!)

Did I also mention that my hunk got his rankings in and ended his law school career 12th in his class??
Yes, 12th our of 197 people. He made the top 10% easy and was close to the top 5%!!!
I am just a little proud!! Haha!

Well I made plans for a date night for us to celebrate his completion of the bar and he went out together Friday night. It has been a while since just the two of us have been out, and after all his many hours of studying we were ready to relax!

We enjoyed dinner at On the Border...Yummy!
(and we didn't have to sit in the corner were they always stick families with kids!)
And then went to the depot district and just walked around listening to music and talking. We ended up at Cactus Courtyard listening to a little Texas Country music. It was so relaxing and enjoyable!

We were feeling a little old as we bailed out and headed home for bed...
The line to get in was a mile long of all the young 'uns just getting started!!
Haha...Then again, we have always been a little lame on the late night action!

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