Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We have gotten into such a fun bedtime routine with Addy. She is finally old enough and adjusted to daycare (FINALLY!) and isn't a big bear by 6:00 anymore. We have actually pushed bedtime back to 8:00 with the time change. She loves her baths when she can play in the YAW-TER. Washing her hair, though, she is SO not a fan!! I just can't believe how big she has gotten! She now helps brush her teeth and hair also! She loves to help put her jammies on and get on her big bed!!

 Addy is really beginning to be a bookworm!! She has always loved 'reading', but it consisted of turning pages as fast as she can and pointing to random things as we went. Every night after her bath she gets to pick 2 books and read them, as in actually listen, with her daddy! Her choices usually rotate between her bible, bear book, and elmo.
My favorite part is when she is done reading, and yells, "Mama, Pray!!" She has started trying to say her prayers alongside us. Then she lays down and we sing. There is nothing more precious than listening to Addy sing 'Jesus Loves Me.' It has been her song of the week at daycare too, so she is getting really good at it!!

I enjoy routine myself, so this has been so good for all of us! Can't believe this little stinker is so close to being 2!!
Oh, and who else is baffled by ME having such a curly-headed little girl!!! Look at those ringlets!

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