Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big girl bed!!!

Addy has moved into her big girl bed!! We went straight from the crib to the twin when we moved! I was so nervous about the swift change, but Addy is a rock star! She slept in the pack & play in her new room for a week to help the adjustment. The first night in her bed I was prepared for a long night, so we started on a Friday night. She laid in her big bed and put herself to sleep. No problems!!!

She now reads her stories, says her prayers, gives sugars and lays down!! I usually sit as her bed and sing a song or two, but then she dozes off on her own!! I am so proud of my big girl!!


  1. Joni!! What a small world!!! I can't believe it. What a sweet family you have. Good to see you and Bradley are doing so well. Your little girl is precious. :)