Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celebrate Good Times....Come on!!

Since Law School finals are over for both Bradley, and my sister Olivia, we had a mini celebration last night! We enjoyed some awesome Mexican food at Lujan's and then headed out to the Vintage Townhomes for a little more Christmas cheer!
Scott & Liv in front of the fireplace

Trying to catch some of the fake snow in the picture, but it wasn't happening.

Addy got to ride Diamond with her daddy. She looks like she is crying, but she was squealing!

And then we took a carriage ride ourselves!

The driver actually threw the reins back and hit me on the head right as the picture was taken! She felt bad, but it did kind of hurt!

Addy was curled up in her daddy's jacket.

We did decide to try Santa again. It was so great to walk right up to him, no wait. She instantly saw him and began crying, so I wasn't about to make her sit with him. Instead, my no-make-up face got to be in it! When we asked her is she was ready to go bye-bye, you have never seen a kid wave harder than Addy  telling Santa bye-bye!

Scott didn't cry, until he found out he wasn't on the nice list!

Aunt Liv saved the day after the Santa trip!

And our boys! The picture is a little dark, but its probably better that way! Just kidding!
We ended the night driving through neighborhoods checking out Christmas lights and listening to Christmas carols as Addy drifted off to sleep! It was a great night! We really enjoyed getting to relax and celebrate another semester survived!!

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