Thursday, December 16, 2010

Addy's First Santa Encounter

I was a totally lame mother last year, my child does not have a first Christmas picture with Santa. We trekked out to SantaLand last year, only to find an hour & a half wait with a 5 month old in freezing weather...we left. This year we got smart. We arrived thirty minutes before the gates opened. Addy and Bradley ran around exploring while I held our place in line. It was great. We got up to Santa so fast!

However, once we got to the Claus's.....I think the pictures do the talking.

 It definitely wasn't pretty. Every little kid needs that one horrific Santa picture to look back on. She sat in each lap for about 1.2 seconds, long enough for the camera to flash. But yes, it was worth it! Maybe next year will be a little less traumatic! 
She was watching the Santa house making sure that big hairy man didn't come after us!

She loved the Reindeer. She kept calling them Puppies! This was after the Santa visit and she wasn't so excited to be there anymore!


  1. How dare you torture my poor little Addy like that!! :( hehe, its so pitiful! I wish you would have called us to go with you! I need a picture with Santa! Well, mostly I AM DONE WITH FINALS and want to do normal people things again. :D

  2. That is hilarious...Kason did the same thing this year when he met Santa! Hope you guys have a relaxing Christmas and enjoy Miss Addy!