Monday, November 8, 2010

Faces of Addy

Just a random post to show you some of my favorite faces this little Drama Queen makes! Of course, you remember the school picture face right? Well we see that one plenty too.

This is the "Pirate Face." When she is being super cheesy she closes one eye and makes the most crooked grin you have ever seen!
 This is the "I am going to bite your head off" face! She opens her mouth SO wide to put food in. You might say she overcompensates, or not judging by her mess.
 This is the OOOOOO!! face. She makes this face when something sounds like a good plan to Addy. This face usually precedes an emphatic "YEAH!!!"
 The "I love to hear myself SCREAM face." This one could make you crazy.
 And this one is the "I know I am the cutest thing around!" face. We see this one the most! And who can argue with that!!

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