Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thinking Ahead

So I pretty much have the smartest kid ever. I know, I know, every mother has the smartest kid ever! But really yall, I DO!!!! My sweet, innocent baby girl has found a way to get past her mother's rules!!! Ahh...and it begins. As menitoned in previous post, the pacifiers have been banned to the bedroom. (Although, I have to admit I have gotten a little to lax on that) Well Miss Addy has outsmarted me. She gets up from her nap and throws all her pacifiers out of her bed. She started that a while back as "HELLO, I am awake in here!!" Well just lately she has taken that rebellion to a whole new level. She now throws them out. When I come get her and take her to the living room or wherever, she will play for seriously like five minutes, and then heads straight back into her room. Goes back over to her bed and scavenges for lost pacifiers!! Then she proudly will reenter the living room, pacifier in tact!!!! She is so sneaky and comical that it honestly took a couple times for me to realize why she kept wanting back in her room! We may have to start corraling all pacifiers before we leave her room after nap...hmmm.

BUSTED!!!! That is one guilty face!!

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