Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st Birthday


Pshh...don't you wish you were this big? I am rocking the big UNO!

I LOVE tennis balls. They are perfect for throwing! Like my hair do? No that isn't the wind. That is high priced styling right there!!

Thats right folks. Its time for another Addy special! I cannot tell you how smart I have gotten. I learn things so fast. Could have something to do with my genius Daddy (who is in the top 10% of his law class! HOLLER!!!) The biggest new thing I am doing these days is WALKING?!?! What, WHAT!!!  I pretty much walk when I can. I still look like a newborn colt on these wobbly legs of mine. I used to take it so slow to try and avoiding falling. But now, I try to get where I am going as fast as I can, and then I leeeeeaaann to whatever it is. I still fall a lot, and I still crawl a lot. Its just easier sometimes. If I have a very serious mission, then I resort to hands and knees.

My Hobby Lobby Princess!
I also have learned things like, where my hair, tummy, and nose is. I also figured out that my nose has HOLES in it!! And even better is that my finger fits perfectly inside! God knew what he was doing when he created those two little holes. Genius! I also am learning names of others around me. I am saying mama, dada, ba-ba (bottle) and pup-pup! I also love to wave and say bye-bye. I have also learned that when someone leaves the room or walks away I look at whoever is near and put my hands up and shrug my shoulders, trying to ask 'Where did they go?' Mom and dad love that I do that. Mom has relentlessly tried to teach me sign language from day 1 and I have refused to ever pick up on it. I yell, grunt, or find my own way of getting my point across. Now that I use my hands to ask where someone went, I am understanding mom's point. Its pretty nice that mom and dad know what I am wanting when I do that. I am considering trying some others, but I am pretty much learning new words so fast I still don't see the point.

Where did Dada go??
I am also nearly finished with bottles and formula. I get a bottle first thing in the morning and after dinner. It has made me really miss my bottles! I didn't think I would miss them much. I was ready to get rid of them. But now if I see one during the day I get a little agitated when no one gets me one. I am doing good drinking my whole milk. I like it a little better each day, which probably means I am fixing to loose another bottle. Bummer. I mean, Mom that milk is Terrible!! (Shhhh!)  My favorite foods right now are mango, peaches, bread, spaghettios, and Cheetos! I do NOT like cheese, peas, and pasta raviolis.

Loving the new swing Grandma and Grandpa got me for my birthday!

I love to be outside and my puppy is the greatest buddy ev-ah!! Going on walks is so great. I just soak up everything around me. I notice and point at birds. I am the climbing queen of Texas. Mom is constantly amazed at my climbing abilities. I climb onto things and have gotten very good getting back down too. I know to turn my body and go down feet first. Then I go right back up. I am an athlete in the making. Carrying on dada's legacy!
Looking good in my new jammies!

I also got several pairs of new shoes for my birthday. Here are my new tennies from Aunt Liv & Uncle Scott! They are Stride Rites, and they are SO comfy! I recommend them for all you new walkers out there!

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