Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Terrible, Horrible, NO Good, Very Bad WEEK

Ever had 'one of those day?' Well I am certainly having 'one of those weeks!' "Summer, Oh! whereforart thou Summer?"

If I were to give you my biggest shortcoming, it would probably undoubtly be my lack of patience. Especially in knowing details. I HAVE to know! I can't stand when I know there is a surprise for me, but I don't know what the surprise is...TORTURE!!!! Everyone always says that you shouldn't pray for patience, because the Lord has a sneaky way of pushing you until you learn how to be patient, well...SOMEONE ELSE MUST HAVE PRAYED THAT I LEARN SOME PATIENCE!!!!! Late April Fools Joke, I don't know, but I am definitely getting pushed. Remember those details I like to know, well I can't even get answers to big stuff, like where I will be living, working, or where Addy will be next year, much less those details. I have been applying and interviewing like a woman on fire...mostly to see how many rejection letters it takes to wallpaper a house.

You can be the judge of whether I am just pyschotic, or maybe you will feel sorry for me and send up a quick prayer to end this test run on patience! :)   But I have had plenty going on at work right now, as I said, end of year. I have officially packed up my classroom. So Sad! I developed a crush on Parsons Elementary last year when I long termed there, but after this year...I fell in LOVE!!! I am having a hard time leaving, especially with no destination in sight. Then, I thought I FINALLY found someone to keep Addy next year, but wrong again. She couldn't take her until January. Bummer. Then on Wednesday (which was really just the third Monday of the week) I got called to come get Addy, she's throwing up. I am thinking 'I know my baby never spits up, but why the panic. Wipe her up, I'll see what I can do.' Well luckily Bradley was on lunch break and had already picked up lunch to bring me and help load up my classroom, which I still haven't got done..shoot! He stopped off to get Addy and came on over for lunch. I am still wondering why they called, she looked fine. As we got our food out, Addy went off. Spit up ladies and gentlemen would have been equivalent to a Black Cat. This folks was the mother of all Roman Candles. Did that paint a nice picture? Good, you get my point. My poor baby was loosing the last months stock up of meals! Needless to say, I left school to tend to my sick child.

Now this morning, all was good. She was playing, ate breakfast, hadn't thrown up in several hours. Perfect, off to work. Go to give Addy a kiss bye, and here it came. Poor baby! I had to call in, which is an awful thing to do like twenty minutes before the kids show up! As the day progresses, again, not much throwing up or signs of being sick.'s over. I got a call from a school near my hometown to interview tomorrow at 10:45. So we packed up tonight to head home. I was a little worried about traveling with Addy, but she SEEMED fine! We made it halfway before she lost it again. We did the best we could to clean her up and change her clothes, but the carseat. YUCK!! We wiped it out, but that sour milk smell lingers. And I already have milk issues. So the remainder of our trip was very Smeeeellly! We made it alive, but even flies found us unattractive. And I still don't know what is wrong with her. She still has energy and an appetite, but every bottle results in an explosion. So we are trying to keep her full with puffs and pedialyte. Whatever works, right?

Whew! Want to help? Write your congressman and tell him Lubbock area needs to hire more teachers! Or pray, which is way more effective...couldn't even tell you who our congressman is. So heres to hoping for a better week next week, a healthy NOT sick baby tomorrow, and a road map soon, because I have lost all sense of direction!

Oh! and Addy's ten months today! I haven't even started her post...I mean she hasn't, of course. Lazy kid. Not like she did anything other than throw up today. So check back tomorrow to hear all the new talents Addy has. (And we won't mention this new talent of shooting vomit like a volcano..Lovely, Oh yeah!)

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  1. I'm so sorry! I will pray for you guys. I don't have a job next year either, but I'm trying to stay positive, because somehow or another we have to pay for all kinds of stuff, like a house and a backyard and whatnot. Things will get better. Just stay faithful!