Saturday, May 15, 2010

10 Months

Howdy Folks! Addy here. Guess what today yesterday was?! I am ten months, and even better, unleashed on the computer! I am all about gadgets, remotes, phones, computers...Awesome! I am figuring out the telephone thing. I love to take mom's telephone, or dad's and hold it to my ear like they do. Except I am not sure who mom is always talking to, because when I listen, no one is talking. (Note to self: finish application to have mom commited) Anyway, I am pretty busy so this post may be a little shorter than normal. But probably not really, because I have a lot of awesomeness to fit into this thing! The biggest change I have made this month is learning to figure you grown up crazies out. I am getting really good at letting you know what I want. I know exactly how to look at mom and say, 'MAMA' and then dad, and say 'THATHA!' Mom is a little worried that I still talk with my tongue out so I have started saying mama without it. But 'dada' is too cool for such a lame name. So I jazzed it up, thatha. Has a ring don't you think? I have figured out that I can just say 'bye bye' when we leave and nobody cares as much if I wave. Talking is more my thing. Mom does lots of clumsy things, so we say 'uh oh' a LOT!! I stick with 'UH UH!' Again, sounds better. I know when mom or dad says no no, that I need to leave it alone. Although I get quite a kick out of seeing who jumps when I smile and keep on keeping on. Ornery, why yes thank you! I understand the signs, more, all done, eat, and milk. I sign eat, and I have my own version of all done, but usually whining and throwing food off my high chair works too. I am turning loose of everything when I am standing. I even stood up by myself at daycare the other day, like from the floor, squat and stand...pretty simple. That crazy teacher of my was trying to entice me to take to step to her, but I am smarter than to set myself up for a face plant, so I squated back down and crawled over.

Speaking of crawling, I am looking to enter the Baby Olympics speed crawling event. I can boot scoot better than Brooks or Dunn! I also love to rearrange furniture. Our dining chairs work great as a walker from one room to another. I am such a busy kid. I barely even have time to eat! I Do eat though. Usually. If mom lets me do it myself. I have gotten really good at eating actually. I feed myself fruit pieces for breakfast every morning, four bottles a day, a meat and veggie for lunch (OVERRATED) and then who knows what will be on the dinner menu. Lunchmeat, Spaghetti, Chicken, dog food...what? oh, yeah, uh, nevermind mom, I haven't ever tasted dog food! Anyway, I really have been eating good. Except now I am sick (want details, No? fine) so eating is not a top priority. Mom is really hoping that I don't back track and will get my full appetite back soon. Who knows. I will decide when I feel better. I have gotten so good with my food. I don't just shove food in my mouth anymore. Even little pieces of bread, I just bite off teensy pieces to chew with my two little from teeth.
My daddy is the coolest!!
Speaking of teeth...these top two front ones REALLY need to bust through already! I am aching and drooling like a rabid dog. I have nearly knawed  my fingers off. Mom gives me some medicine, but it does very little for me. I don't sleep as good, and it bothers me to eat too.

I am also sleeping all night, EVERYNIGHT!! Those crazy parents of mine have convinced me that sleeping all night is best for everyone's sanity! I love it! I feel so much happier in the morning, I eat better, and I am much more cheerful all day! 

Well as I said, this one is a little shorter than normal. I am at Nana and Papa's this weekend and I am very busy visiting! I have cousins to chase and uncles to wrestle! Check back for the recap of our weekend!

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