Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 Months

Hello Friends!

Guess what today is...exactly 3 more months until I am the big UNO!!! I am growing so much you won't believe it! I am finally wearing almost all of my nine month clothes! I am learning so much lately! I love to play with people. Especially Daddy. He is still the funniest man I know. I love to bang things together to make noise, put objects in bowls, walk behind my pusher toy, and any other busy activity I can find. My favorite new game is to watch Mom stack my blocks and then I shove them things over! Mom jumps and it just cracks me up. SO MUCH FUN!!! I also just can't help but laugh when Daddy runs in place. He gets his legs going fast and I almost fall over with laughter. I am telling you, that father of mine is the best entertainment there is. I am really loving to interact with people. I can usually win anyone over with my hilarious fake laugh. If everyone else is laughing, I am too! Except I usually don't really know what's so funny, so I just fake it! That always puts eyes on me, and I LOVE to be center of attention. If anyone around is on the phone I get a little jealous. I try to laugh as loud as I can or just hollar at the top of my lungs until someone is paying attention to me! I am quite the little heartbreaker with my big blues eyes and I know just how to play bashful enough to get someone hooked. If none of the above works, I pull out my fake cry or fake cough! It is SO funny! Mom says its a little dramatic, but it usually works!

I am doing so many new fun things! Hold on for the ride! This is going to be a Looooong post, but I have to get these things wrote down for mom's memory. She blames her memory lose on her pregnancy, but I've heard rumors she was crazy long before me! So here goes...

  •  I am crawling like crazy! I roam the house looking for things to get into. I got quite a kick out of dumping Sally's dog food all over the floor the other night! Too bad Dad wouldn't let me taste it..so close!
  • I can pull up on almost anything. I am loving to pull up! I don't really understand why sometimes I can let go and stand just fine and others I kerplunk! I just assume someone is going to catch me. Usually even if no one does, I just laugh. Daddy is still amazed that my mother has a tough child!
  • I LOVE to talk. I am constantly saying mama and dada. I just figured out that Mama is the name of that crazy lady that is always following me around. When she comes to pick me up I always smile and say, MAMA! There seems to be some connection between that goofy fun guy and me saying 'dada,' but I haven't really shown any certainty that I understand his name yet. Mom says I am paying her back for holding off so long on the mamamama's.
  • I can wave anyone away! When mom picks me up from daycare, she always asks, "Are you ready to go bye, bye?" that just cues my waving. OF COURSE I AM READY TO LEAVE!!!! I just wave like crazy all the way to the car! Occasionally, I will say bye, bye while we are waving. But it usually is something like, byebyemamadadathathabyebye!
  • I love to clap. I might have been caught swaying my hips with music one night. Mom is sneaky and I had no idea that she caught it. I am denying it ever happened and refuse to repeat the incident. I do love to clap as soon as my musical toy starts playing....and any other random time that clapping is necessary!
  • My dog is my best friend. End of story.
  • I do not like baths. I just decided one night, what's the point. You just get dirty again. From thereforth, I had tortured my parents by crying through every bath. Someday they will see my point. They keep talking about taking me swimming so they are in the water with me. I am not sure about any of this but I will keep you posted.
  • I feel the same way about changing diapers and getting dressed. I loathe it!
  • I have finally decided that eating is a really good idea! I am eating like crazy now that I am feeling better. Well let me clarify, I eat FRUITS like crazy. That is the only baby food I will touch. I will eat meats if it is like deli cut ham, or crumbled hamburger meat. I do not under any uncertain terms intend to eat veggies and I sure wouldn't expect me to like it. My favorite is still yogurt. I love cheese too!
  • I am loving my cup more and more. I can chug down some juice in no time. Mom hasn't put any formula in it for me yet, but since I am finally actually eating again, I am betting she will start for meal times.
  • I still love my pacifier. Mom thinks I am about big enough to give it up, but I am not convinced. Neither are my daycare workers, so looks like I may have it for a while more. Probably once mom is out of school for the summer she will turn into the Pacifier Nazi...beware!
  • I am getting good at doing hand eye coordination activities. We do these quite often at daycare. My teacher always brags on me to mom about how well I pick up on the point of the activity and work so hard. The other day I even got the ball in the little hole and laughed when it rolled back out to me. I am figuring out cause and effect also. Did you know if you bang two objects together it makes noise? Awesome entertainment. Just make sure you don't get your fingers in the middle..that HURTS!!
  • I also figured out that all those times I thought things were magically disappearing, turns out mom and dad just were hiding them! I am good now. They think if they put something behind them I will just forget about it! No way, I know that game so I go after it!
  • I really like having my mom and dad around. If they have to leave its not so bad. I don't throw a fit or anything, but if they are in the room I go to them often just to check in and get kisses!
  • Mom pulled a mean trick on me last weekend and tried to hold others babies, Cooper and Wesley. I did not think that was very funny! I am her baby and she is only allowed to hold me. ONLY ME!!
My Sweet Little Miss Priss

Addy's Crazy Hair after all day in a headband and bow!

Addy standing up completely unassisted
Well I will leave you with that. I am sure there is a lot more awesome new things that I am doing. I am pretty much THE most awesome little girl ever! I hope you enjoy reading about me as much as I enjoy talking about me!

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