Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Because Its Almost Friday!!

Nothing much going on here at the Anderle house....ok that is a total lie!! There has been so much going on lately I am exhausted! We have a contract on our house and are hopefully moving soon. Soon as in next week. Inspection was today and as long as everything was good we will have an apartment to move into on April 1st. WOW!! So as busy as this week was, next week will probably top it! We have been cleaning and packing amongst the usual craziness. I am busy trying to pursue job oppurtunites, or lack thereof.., trying to predict our future and make the decisions that will so heavily affect it, 2 garage sales in two weeks, trying to get several pieces of furniture redone that will be repurposed in the apartment, and fighting the urge to redo my bedroom!  Whew! I am tired again. And as I sit here and whine to all of you, Bradley is at the Law school studying like a mad man for a big test tomorrow, finish a major paper and complete a movie review. All of which he intended to do today but unfortunately did not get to due to a mini-crisis we had going on here at home. We thought we had a gas leak...but thankfully after a full day for Bradley of being under the house and getting the Atmos man here we are safe with no leaks. Thank Goodness!!!

So where is Addy is all this business...right in the middle. She is still growing so fast and we have so much fun playing with her. She is loving the mobile life! She is definitely a quick one and into it all! I caught myself the other night saying "No, No" for the first time, I stopped and laughed because it just felt weird. I can't believe we are at the point of boundaries. It just seems weird she doesn't stay put anymore. It just adds chaos to the craziness. We have a blast playing with Addy as much as possible. I wish we had more time like that.I can only imagine when she is walking. We already go room to room with her behind her little pusher toy. She loves the ability to roam. It is also hilarious how distracted she gets and will just try to turn loose and take off.

It was pretty enough one day this week that Addy and I got to hang out outside for a while. She loved the new noises and fun things to look at. She even played in the grass. She wouldn't crawl on it, but it dead and pokey and I wouldn't either. She did keep raking it with her hands making dirt fly everywhere...then she would taste it. Everytime resulted in the same awful face! Here are some pictures of my cool-dude. Don't be fooled. I didn't put these on her merely for the picture. The sunglasses had purpose. She does not like the sun in her eyes. She must have been thankful for the cool shades because she left them on the whole thirty minutes we were outside!

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  1. Sounds like it is crazier than usual in the Anderle household. I'm glad things are going well. Wish we were there to help you move! Take care.