Saturday, March 20, 2010

8 month...addition!

I had to post an update on Addy because 9 months is just too long to wait for her to tell you!! My big girl has changed in leaps and bounds over spring break. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with her and I am very sad that my week in coming to an end and its back to the regular routines we go.

But enough of my moping and back to Addy! These are a few of the crazy new things she learned this week!

  • Crawling like a champ! She is getting so fast and into everything. She still prefers to be on her feet, but will evenually crawl  to get where she so wishes she could walk to!
  • Bye-Bye- If you starts saying bye-bye and waving Addy joins you! She was pretty funny at Bradley's aunt and uncles the other day. We were getting ready to go, and saying goodbyes. The whole time everyone was talking Addy was waving away!
  • Clapping- Sitting at a restaurant with my family last week she was playing with Bradley and just started clapping! She is very random about it, but more and more she joins in when we clap.
  • Da-Da- She is now saying dada. I don't think it is associated with Bradley yet, but she only says it when he is in the room too, so who knows. Still no mama...she is going to see how long she can torture me I think. Those mmm sounds keep coming, so I know she will slip soon and say it!
  • Drinking from a sippy cup-She has done this for a while, but over the break she mastered it. She watched Wyatt enough (and stole enough drinks from his cup) that we had to go buy her the hard top regular big kid cups. The kind we have used with the soft silicone nipple-type tops are no longer cutting it. She loves her new cups and will down whatever is in them.
  • Standing- I wouldn't say this is mastered, but she works so hard. She is constantly pulling up and letting go. She needs to get a little stronger to really get it going, but she keeps throwing herself wanting to take a step. Nothing successful yet, but she is walking behind her walker toy and loves to go from toy to couch to Bradley and I to anything that she can grab.
  • Squating- She has learned how to squat to pick something up off the floor while she is standing. 
  • Fake Laugh- This one is pretty much new from today. She now fake laughs to get our attention or if we are laughing, and sometimes just to entertain everyone! 
This is all this week! I don't know if this is an age of explosion in development or she was being sweet enough to do all these firsts while mommy and daddy were around to see them! The latter I am sure!  Many of these things she picked up from playing with cousin Wyatt!

Posing for the picture mid-crawl

This is her favorite toy right now...she Loves styrafoam cups

Squating to reach her cup

This is the tail end we are constantly chasing!

Very mad she can't have Wyatt's cup

I have GOT to quit leaving my computer on the floor!

Chillin' in the Jumperoo! She was resting her head on her arms while jumping but she busted me before I snapped that picture!

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